Testing free Kana iOS Apps, Part 1 – Selecting the Apps

Selecting what free kana learning iOS apps to test.

I searched on “kana” and “learn japanese” in the App Store and then picked the apps that looked like they supported kana studying.

Screenshot of appsLet me say that it is quite clear that the market for apps have developed a lot since the time I was looking for something to put on my iPod a few years back. Even if I only picked free apps I ended up with close to sixty apps. So I’ve quickly gone through them to see if all looks worth testing. A couple of the “lite” versions of payed apps have been dropped
But there are still around fifty free iOS apps left that might help you learn hiragana and/or katakana. My first idea was to try to categorize them based on what type of study method they use but since the majority focusses on teaching you to recognise the kana characters I think think any categorisation will have to wait until I’ve tested the majority of the apps.because they provided no testable functions in the free edition. A couple of other apps was also dropped because they were entirely in Japanese and at the time when one is learning kana that is simply to hard to handle. Lastly there were some apps that were more for kanji studies so they will have to wait a while before I test them.So now it’s time to get testing…

Learn Japanese online with lots of audio lessons: japanesepod101.com

The site covers your entire learning career from a few Survival Phases and Newbie introductions through Beginner, Lower Intermediate to Intermediate levels.

This site has tons of listening materials available as podcasts. You also find the material in itunes.

JapanesePod101.com – Learn Japanese with Free Daily Podcasts

Most of the time I’ve used the free material and with irregular intervals I’ve taken out a basic subscription to get hold of the archives. Since I’ve used the site mainly to get listening material to complement my weekly lessons their premium subscription have felt a bit expensive. But this year my Japanese teacher has gone on a teaching hiatus so I currently have a premium subscription to janapesepod101 so that I get access to all the material on the site.

When you first register on the site you get a free account and 1 week access to most of the premium content so choose wisely when you register so you have enough spare time to make good use of that week.

Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com

They have regular promotion offers that gives you 20-30% off the subscriptions. I’ve used those for the times when I’ve had premium subscriptions. They are quite pushy with promotions about subscriptions but you can unsubscribe from the mails.

You can check out their podcasts in iTunes too:

Just the audio podcasts is found here: Learn Japanese | JapanesePod101.com (Audio)

If you like to get the video podcasts too then use this: Learn Japanese | JapanesePod101.com