My 5 favourite apps to learn Japanese on the iPhone

Two things I learned doing this post are that it’s been a while since I first got my apps and what is available on the App Store changes. But here you get a list of my favourite apps during the last couple of years and I promise to download and test a set of the current apps for a future post.

These are the apps I’ve gotten the most use of on my iphone:

Imi wa? (previously called Kotoba!) (Free)

This is a free English/Japanese dictionary. One always needs a dictionary. I did get a paid dictionary too (Japanese) but 9 times out of 10 I’ve used Kotoba! or Imi wa? as it is now called.

KanjiFlip (Paid)

A flash card type of application that keeps track of your progress so you focus mainly on the kanji you don’t know. KanjiFlip contains support for learning Hiragana and Katakana to. This is otherwise found in the KanaFlip app but if you are serious about learning Japanese you are better off skipping that app and go directly at this one.

KanjPop (Paid)

A game to learn to remember kanji. Really good for 5-10 minute sessions on the bus or waiting in line somewhere.

iKanji touch (Paid)

Another kanji training tool which unlike KanjiFlip shows the stroke orders in a nice graphical fashion. Probably the most ambitious app I’ve used.

Kana pad (Free)

I used this app to train myself in writing hiragana and katakana. The app doesn’t seem to be available in itunes anymore. I’ll have to check for a replacement for you. 🙂