iOS apps to learn Japanese with – a testing project

iOSappsLearningJapaneseMaking the post about my favourite iOS apps made me realize that my set of apps are a bit out of date. It has probably been a couple of years since I got new apps for my iPhone. This seemed like a good excuse for a testing project, testing my way through most(?) of the apps in the app store.

It is quite clear that there are a lot of of iOS apps that teaches different aspects of Japanese so my plan is as follows:

Testing order:

  1. iOS apps for learning kana (hiragana/katakana)
  2. iOS apps for learning Kanji
  3. iOS apps for learning Japanese vocabulary
  4. iOS apps that is aimed at training for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  5. iOS Japanese learning apps that are designed as games
  6. any other categories of iOS apps for learning japanese. This can be apps to test your current skills, apps that focus on grammar or text books, etc.

I’m looking to test some apps every week. For kana apps I will mainly look att free apps since the scope of the apps are limited. For the other categories I will probably try some payed apps too.