Kanji Flashcards

When I started learning Kanji one of the products I picked up was a set of Kanji flashcards. These are playing card sized cards which on one side has the Kanji, its stroke order and some examples of its use (all in Japanese) on the flip side of the card you find its readings, its meaning in English and translations of the examples. I liked having an analog, easy to bring tool mainly to refresh the Kanjis I studied the weeks before.

The cards I got were these:


They are from White Rabbit Press who produces several sets. Mine is the beginner level set containing 300 Kanji. I also got a couple of card cases so I could have a couple of preprepared sets to put in my bag when leaving for the day (you see one of the card cases on the picture.) This set doesn’t cover all the Kanji in the book I was studying (Basic Kanji Book) but it had enough of them to be useful.

There are two more sets available: an intermediate level set with 750 kanji  and an advanced level set with 895 kanji. Each set builds upon the previous so the idea is that you buy them one at a time as you learn more and more kanji. I only own the first set.

If you prefer digital tools there are both websites, software and apps that provide the same functionality.